Monday, 2 March 2015

All you need to Know about S4H

SAP announced its next big thing in Field Kick-off Meeting: Business Suite 4 HANA or S4HANA.

The S is for Simple and the 4 is for the 4th generation of SAP ERP: R/2, R/3, ERP, and S4HANA.

S4HANA is the successor of SAP Business Suite, built on SAP’s HANA platform. It comes with re-written code (no materialized aggregates) to leverage SAP HANA transactional and real-time analytical capabilities, delivered through a simplified and enhanced end-user interface based on SAP Fiori, available in the cloud and on premise.

Existing customers will not get SAP S/4HANA licenses included in the maintenance of their SAP Business Suite, but existing SAP Business Suite for SAP HANA customers are covered.

Simplicity delivered with S4HANA:
-SAP S/4HANA projects will be faster and cheaper

- Based on cloud-first approach

- HTAP (Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing) HDB supports both OLTP and OLAP without data replication

- HANA multi-tenancy – in the cloud or on premise

- No unnecessary indices, no aggregates – replaced by on-the-fly calculations, thanks to an in-memory database

- User interface is Fiori based

- Maintains ERP core data models

Real benefits:

- Reduced database size – highly compressed data, less tables

- Higher table throughput – fewer table updates, less locking, faster processing

- More Flexible – complexity is reduced as indices and aggregates are removed

SAP’s new cloud-based business models are disrupting the enterprise-software industry – watch this space.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


The new development language to forge the future of
business apps

SAP HANA is SAP’s big brave bet in this new marketplace and offers a fabulous
in-memory-based platform for building smart innovative applications. IT leaders
are facing a challenge of complex build process, skill set requirements, sustenance
and management of these applications. Hence, there is a need for a very simple,
state-of-the-art development platform which is self-optimized for advanced
in-memory technology.
‘SAP River’, a new development language and programming model for rapidly
developing a complete SAP HANA application is the answer.
SAP River is a new, highly expressive development language that allows a
developer to design and specify all the elements of a business application like data
model, business logic and access control within a single, coherent and integrated
program speci cation. Applications are then cross-compiled to run natively in SAP
HANA, and exposed via O-Data

Features of SAP River:
  • Lends to Prototyping based Development 
    • Customer always gets a view of how the SOLUTION is evolving, thus leading to error free development. Easy to incorporate modi cations and take into account additional requirements.
  • Fast track Readiness for SAP HANA Application Development 
    • Language is intuitive and easy to learn and implement. 
    • Developers can express the intent in SAP River definition Language and the implementation is taken care of by the SAP River definition Language compiler. 
    • Applications such as PeoplePro, Vendor Balances Dashboard and Retail Intelligence on SAP HANA using SAP RDL.
  • Automatic Optimization for SAP HANA
    • It is advantageous when developing new applications. 
    • Huge cost savings in application. 
    • Developer focuses on developing the business logic and achieving the business purpose behind the application.
  • Building On Top of the Existing Codebases 
    • Break-outs currently available for SQLScript and JavaScript, allow developers to consume existing business logic available in these run-times directly from SAP River definition Language.
  • Next Generation Development Environment
    • RDE comprises of an ECLIPSE based plug-in that gives developers a uni ed environment for developing SAP RDL. 
    • In-line error checking, contextual documentation,auto-completion and data generation tools. 
    • Data generation tool generates test data on the y that aids the unit testing
  • Application lifecycle Management
    • Quite easy to transport and deploy a SAP River De nition Language application to any landscape