Wednesday, 17 September 2014


The new development language to forge the future of
business apps

SAP HANA is SAP’s big brave bet in this new marketplace and offers a fabulous
in-memory-based platform for building smart innovative applications. IT leaders
are facing a challenge of complex build process, skill set requirements, sustenance
and management of these applications. Hence, there is a need for a very simple,
state-of-the-art development platform which is self-optimized for advanced
in-memory technology.
‘SAP River’, a new development language and programming model for rapidly
developing a complete SAP HANA application is the answer.
SAP River is a new, highly expressive development language that allows a
developer to design and specify all the elements of a business application like data
model, business logic and access control within a single, coherent and integrated
program speci cation. Applications are then cross-compiled to run natively in SAP
HANA, and exposed via O-Data

Features of SAP River:
  • Lends to Prototyping based Development 
    • Customer always gets a view of how the SOLUTION is evolving, thus leading to error free development. Easy to incorporate modi cations and take into account additional requirements.
  • Fast track Readiness for SAP HANA Application Development 
    • Language is intuitive and easy to learn and implement. 
    • Developers can express the intent in SAP River definition Language and the implementation is taken care of by the SAP River definition Language compiler. 
    • Applications such as PeoplePro, Vendor Balances Dashboard and Retail Intelligence on SAP HANA using SAP RDL.
  • Automatic Optimization for SAP HANA
    • It is advantageous when developing new applications. 
    • Huge cost savings in application. 
    • Developer focuses on developing the business logic and achieving the business purpose behind the application.
  • Building On Top of the Existing Codebases 
    • Break-outs currently available for SQLScript and JavaScript, allow developers to consume existing business logic available in these run-times directly from SAP River definition Language.
  • Next Generation Development Environment
    • RDE comprises of an ECLIPSE based plug-in that gives developers a uni ed environment for developing SAP RDL. 
    • In-line error checking, contextual documentation,auto-completion and data generation tools. 
    • Data generation tool generates test data on the y that aids the unit testing
  • Application lifecycle Management
    • Quite easy to transport and deploy a SAP River De nition Language application to any landscape